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Do you support Proposition 10? 
First I encourage everyone to read as much information as they can as this is a very complicated proposition. Make your own decision, exercise your right to vote for what you believe in.
My response to the present option is NO. What kind of impact would repeal have on California’s economy? Extreme rent control is not the solution. This will be the most expensive measure ever put on the ballot estimated at over 100 million dollars spent (total sum both sides).
Proposition 10 will cost our state and our communities millions of dollars, reduce the number of available apartments and homes available for rental and could result in a housing freeze. We all agree that the state needs to take steps to address the chronic housing shortage, and out-of-control housing costs.
We should focus on better solutions for providing rent relief to include increasing tax credits for renters, passing new bonds for public funding affordable housing construction and requiring developers and cities to build more affordable housing across the state. 
Prop10 repeals an important California rental housing law with no replacement and no plan to address affordable and middle-class housing or deal with the problem of increasing homelessness on our streets.
Prop 10 will cause property owners to take rental units off the market – further driving up housing costs. Homeowners will be subject to regulations and price controls. If permanent price caps are instituted many housing providers would not be able to keep their rental property. The costs associated with actually maintaining the property, taxes, and utilities costs grow each year. Never being able to raise the rents to cover these costs would cause many to lose their property.
Both candidates running for governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox, oppose outright repeal.
The Los Angeles Times dismissed Weinstein’s anti-growth initiative as a “childish” and very expensive effort that would “hurt Los Angeles in the long run by worsening the city’s housing crisis and stifling economic development.” We should be dedicated to finding real solutions that increase the supply and availability of housing and that provide more affordable housing options for working families.

Committee to Elect Lori Brown
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