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About Lori

As a resident of Santa Monica, I understand the pressing need for solutions to the problems we have with housing in our community and the upcoming Prop10 legislation on the ballot. 
There is a lot at stake for all of us. That’s why I made the decision to run for office.
To introduce myself to those who do not know me, I am a long time resident of Santa Monica. I've lived in a Santa Monica rent-controlled apartment for over 20 years. In the late 1990’s, I participated in the City of Santa Monica TORCA program and became eligible to purchased my apartment. As an adoptive mom of 2 teenagers, my needs changed, and I became a homeowner in Sunset Park. 5 years ago I bought an older 3 unit bldg in the Pico Neighborhood. 
Now, as a housing provider, I regularly attend Rent Control Board and Apartment Association meetings. As a SMRR member, I strongly support the goals of the Rent Board: controlling rents, limiting grounds for eviction, preserving rental housing, encouraging maintenance as well as insuring rental-property owners a fair return.
Presently, I have the honor to serve you as Vice Chair of the Santa Monica Parks and Recreation Commission. I’ve learned the importance of balanced decision-making in times of crossroads. Listening to the needs of residents, following through by diligently working with our city staff, petitioning our community leaders, questioning our public safety personnel and respecting the ideas of our business owners.
All Santa Monica Rent Control Board leaders should be inspired to “Stand for Santa Monica Rent Control Board Missions” through active engagement as ambassadors and advocates. They should not ignore the policy environment in which they operate. Opportunities to move the boards mission forward through policy change represent an important strategy for impact.
Changes to the Regulations are made by the Rent Board. Prior to adopting changes and/or new regulations it is very important to consider the views of interested parties. Advocate for decent, safe, affordable rental housing; and work for stronger laws protecting tenants, supporting tenants rights counseling and outreach communications.
  1. Assess our new reality. What policy changes might be proposed or enacted that would be significantly threatened or need help advancing?
  2. Articulate our community values and beliefs.
  3. Outline advocacy priorities and help make them happen. Santa Monica Rent Control was adopted by the voters in April 1979 in response to a shortage of housing units, low vacancy rates and rapidly rising rents. The law was intended to alleviate the hardship of the housing shortage and to ensure that owners received no more than a fair return.
I have the experience needed to represent "All of the Residents of Santa Monica".
Appointed Office - City of Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission Vice Chair (2 term)
Liaison - Park Master Plan, Planning Commission, Virginia Ave Park, Community Gardens, Field and Sports Commission, Community Gardens, City Homeless Steering Committee
Volunteer - - The work of Kidsave is to create change so forgotten orphanage and foster kids (ages 12 -16) are found — and connected to families and caring adults. I have 2 adopted children through the advocacy of Kidsave. My family have given back for the past 10 years. We are Kidsave Ambassadors.
Santa Monica 4th of July Parade - Produced by the Ocean Park Association, celebrating community. Team Leader for the past 12 years, Decorations, VIP, and Vehicles, Promotion and Engagement.
Westside Team Leader - since 2005 (was held at SM Civic Center before closed to public - since moved on to the VA, presently at the West LA Civic Center. Over three decades of tradition serving the community a wonderful free sit-down Thanksgiving dinner. Also provides free haircuts, blankets, clothing, hygiene kits, medical, optical, and dental services, vaccination, a resource fair, and a children’s carnival.
PTA Council - Vice President of Communication 2012 -2015
PTA Samohi - Vice President of Health and Safety 2015-2017
Education Foundation - Fundraising Campaigns
Social Action Chair - - Work with local organizations to provide services; Westside Food Bank, Upward Bound House, Hope Street, Tree People and SPY (homeless youth)
Attend Neighbor Group meetings, Retain membership in Sunset Park, Ocean Park, SMRR, and Pico Neighborhood, also volunteer services to the Pico Improvement District.
I bring a unique perspective as the only housing provider running or presently seated on the board. If you would like to sit down and have a discussion you can contact me directly. 
Together We Can Do Better!
I humbly request your Vote on November 6, 2018
I work for you!

Committee to Elect Lori Brown
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